Creativity is in our DNA
Curiosity is what keeps us relevant.

Creativity is in our DNA.

Creativity is in our DNA
Curiosity is what keeps us relevant.

Creativity is in our DNA.

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The Pixelmongers Team

Our offices are located in the loft of the historic Shadid & Schaus building in downtown Edmond. The building is an Edmond Historic Preservation Award winner and is listed as the first boarding house in the Oklahoma Territory.

Founder & CEO
Michelle Lee Waggoner
Senior Producer & UI Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Deborah O'Hasson
Accounting Manager
Shelby Taylor Jackson - Marketing
Marketing & Social Media Strategist
Kai Simonton, Digital Marketing Speciast - SEO, Analytics
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ha Nguyen
Lead Web App Developer
Callie Harrington
Video Editor
Kris Dillong - Deep Fork Technology - Software Development
Deep Fork Technology - Software
Michael O'Hasson (1953-2021)
(1953-2021) DevOps

Experience, Team Work

Everyone on our management team possesses real-world experience working in the corporate, non-profit, education and government fields.

Team members have run national marketing campaigns, worked legislative sessions, fielded press conferences, and put on big events.

We've helped startups explore potential markets, spun up customized search engines, managed online archives and created solutions for large scale education and healthcare systems.

We know what it's like "in the trenches" because we've worked in them ourselves. It's not all about technology. It's about putting practical experience to work for you and exploring creative solutions to meet your business objectives.

Relationship, Not Volume

We're more interested in building long-term relationships with our clients rather than cashing a check and moving on.

In fact, most of our clients have worked with PXM for years, and wouldn't trade us for anyone else (we'll even give you their names, so you can ask them yourself!).

When you contact us you begin a journey that won't just end with your organization receiving first-rate results. We think you'll see you also have a new set of trusted friends committed to your organization's long-term goals.

Ready to get started? Email us , give us a call 405-459-7496 or text us!