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Consulting – Tech Support

Prepaid retainer blocks and maintenance subscriptions guarantee priority scheduling in our project calendar.

We offer prepaid blocks of time in 5-hour increments. The more hours purchased, the better the discount. Up to 15% off our largest blocks of time!

Usage: Prepaid hours can be used for adding or updating existing site content, CMS software and plugin maintenance; and general tech and email troubleshooting and assistance.




Scheduling: Prepaid hours or a service level agreement are required prior to the commencement of work.

Limitations: Consulting-Tech Support retainers cannot be used for new site development, application development or custom coding projects. Please purchase development blocks of time separately for smaller ad hoc needs. For complex development needs, please contact us for a tailored solution.

Expiration: Blocks of prepaid time are non-refundable and expire within 18 months of purchase. 

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