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Business Premium

The PXM Premium plan is a “full service” plan. This plan provides you coverage for a wide selection of maintenance, content management and web server management needs. A detailed list of services provided are listed below.

All plans require a minimum 12-month commitment.

$3,600 annually ($300 month)


Included in this plan are the following:

Content Updates & Technical Assistance
Up to 3 hours of dedicated technical support and content updates per month

Periodic Site Review
PXM will periodically review your site to determine if everything appears to be
functioning normally, but no less than once per month.

Notifications Configurations
Wherever possible, PXM will configure web hosting services and the WordPress software itself to notify
the PXM staff of any technical issues which may arise with the website.

Automated Backups
PXM will configure automated, regular backups. This includes configuring backup of the site to an
external archival system controlled by you (i.e. Dropbox, etc.).

Security Monitoring
PXM will monitor the security status of your site and take corrective action if malware or another
security threat is identified.

Additional Services

  • Minor updates and major upgrades to the WordPress core software system.
  • Updates to existing modules, plug-in and add-on software.
  • Theme updates as needed and troubleshooting of conflicts with existing plugins or WordPress core.
  • Installation of modules/plug-ins that replace a plug-in or module that’s been abandoned by the
    author, if a comparable replacement is available.
  • Cloning of site to staging environment for major update testing/troubleshooting.
  • Required adjustments to the overall hosting and MySQL database environments.
  • Removal of malware and other security threats.
  • Assistance with timely renewal of licenses for third-party services, plug-ins and modules.
  • Restoration of the site from a backup copy after loss of the site from a web hosting company error,
    security breach or error by one of your staff members.
  • Migration of a site from an original server to another server within the same or different
    webhosting service.
  • Installation and initial configuration of Google Analytics tags and codes, and placement of tracking
    pixels for SEO/SEM purposes.
  • Reconfiguration and troubleshooting of payment system services.
  • Connection of the website to social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).
  • Testing and optimization of webpage load speeds.
  • Implementation and monitoring of an available content delivery network (i.e. Cloudflare) to
    further speed response times on the site and protect it from denial-of-service attacks.

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