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Maintenance Essentials

This plan provides for the minimum routine maintenance and security tasks and is designed for those needing minor quarterly content updates. A detailed services list is provided below.

All plans require a minimum 12-month commitment.
$45/month or $540 annual premium


Maintenance Service Level Agreement

This plan provides for the minimum routine maintenance tasks needed by your site on a monthly basis.  This plan includes minor quarterly content updates.

Services include:

  • Periodic Site Review
  • PixelMongers (PXM) will periodically review your site to determine if everything appears to be functioning normally, but no less than once per month.
  • Notifications Configurations
  • Wherever possible, PXM will configure webhosting services and the WordPress software itself to notify the PXM staff of any technical issues which may arise with the website.
  • Automated Backups
  • PXM will configure automated, regular backups. This includes configuring backup of the site to an external archival system controlled by you (i.e. Dropbox, etc.).
  • Security Monitoring
  • PXM will monitor the security status of your site and take corrective action if malware or another security threat is identified.

Additional Services

  • Minor updates and major upgrades to the WordPress core software system.
  • Updates to existing modules, plug-in and add-on software.
  • Minor content updates up to 30 min per month.
  • Required adjustments to the overall hosting and MySQL database environments.
  • Removal of malware and other security threats.
  • Renewal of up to 3 domain name registrations (including domain registration fees).

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Payment Options

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